Iran Hazardous Cargo -

Reliable Hazardous Cargo Transportation Services

Shipping hazardous cargo in Iran, either as a destination point or an in-transit shipment to or from neighbouring countries can seem intimidating.  There are many rules and regulations that must be followed to ensure compliance and safe shipping.

At Tehran Nasim, each of our freight forwarding specialists keep up-to-date on the latest regulations for handling hazardous cargo, so that our customers are not subject to severe penalties for non-compliance.  We consult on such issues as:


  • -Determining ‘class of dangerous cargo’
  • -Advising correct packaging requirements depending on the classification
  • -Familiarity with MSD (Material Safety Data) sheets that convey proper procedures for clean-up and disposal in the event of a leak or accident
  • -Arranging for complete documentation depending on mode of transport and the relevant shipping regulations
  • -Supplying hazardous placards which can differ from country to country


International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

It is important that fully compliant procedures are followed when shipping dangerous goods.  The latest amendments for such carriage were implemented in January 2017 and are updated regularly.  International shipping must involve expertly versed international freight forwarding companies who are knowledgeable in the constantly changing regulatory landscape.

Tehran Nasim adhere to compliance standards including, but not limited to:

  • -International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
  • -Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air
  • -Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail


Shippers can refer to Annex A concerning shipping dangerous articles and substances, including:


Part 1 – General Provisions

Part 2 – Classification

Part 3 – Dangerous goods list, special provisions and exemptions related to limited and excepted quantities.

Part 4 – Packing and tank provisions

Part 5 – Consignment procedures

Part 6 – Requirements for the construction and testing of packaging, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), large packaging and tanks.

Part 7 – Provisions concerning the conditions of carriage, loading, unloading and handling.

And Annex B which covers:

Part 8 – Requirements for vehicle crews, equipment, operation and documentation.

Part 9 – Requirements concerning the construction and approval of vehicles


Protecting the Environment One Shipment at a Time

Our commitment is to provide expert advice for packaging, documenting and shipping dangerous goods to or from all countries, in conjunction with our global agency network.

Don’t let amateurs look after your hazardous shipments and risk heavy financial penalties.  Even if goods arrive safely to destination, non-compliance can create unnecessary delays and heavy monetary fines.  Contact our expert freight forwarding team for up to date, no nonsense guidance.