Tehran Nasim Rail Logistics and Rail Cargo Tracking

Oftentimes, achieving cost effective national or international freight shipping rates are more important than speed of transit times.  Well suited to bulk shipments, our rail freight system offers cost benefits that are not possible with road cargo services, such as:


  • -Reducing your carbon footprint. Rail transport is more fuel efficient by up to 4 times as road.
  • -You can ship the equivalent of 50 truckloads virtually in only 16 rail cars; a single rail car holds 3 times what a road trailer can.


The costs savings are real. Transit times are marginally longer than road, but road transit is not as reliable as rail for various reasons; with rail cargo transport, agreed delivery times are always met.

Railway Cargo Rates and Time Savings Benefits

Trans-Asian Rail, our most significant rail carrier, provides many solutions for import and export cargo in Iran. Over 110,000 km of rail lines serve 28 members of the United Nations. Membership of ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), a United Nations requirement, permits distribution for export cargo in all of the CIS nations (Commonwealth of Independent States) and neighbouring Middle East countries.
Strategically placed rail hubs provide the following advantages:


  • -Substantial cost savings over road cargo transportation
  • -Availability of a diverse cross-section of closed rail cars, tankers and flat cars
  • -Full and part car shipments available
  • -Two-way coverage for large population cities within Europe and Asia
  • -Low risk transportation mode that ensures safe and timely arrival of all shipments


Servicing both north-south and east-west corridors, we handle bulk cargoes such as:


  • -Food and agricultural products: rice, grains, tea and sugar
  • -Sulphur as well other minerals
  • -Pharmaceuticals and related commodities
  • -More besides


Tehran Nasim utilise the latest block trains, servicing the CIS states and Russia that utilize 40×40’ wagons as well as 20×45 reefer equipped wagons. Whatever your rail freight requirements, we’ll keep you moving.