Warehousing in Iran

Comprehensive Storage Management and Transparency of Service

Tehran Nasim maintains all types of secure warehouse facilities in Iran. We have over 40,000sqm of space at the major ports for general cargo and customs bonded facilities.
Our storage capacity extends even further through our warehouse partnership agreement, giving us access to an additional 100,000sqm of warehouse space throughout Iran. With a diverse product line in Iran we are capable of storing:


  • -Palletized general cargo
  • -Bagged commodities
  • -Bulk grain storage in ports
  • -Steel products and metal coils
  • -Automobiles and parts


Operating with our Transport Management System (TMS), we offer real-time inventory status updates for our clients on a 24-7 basis, at all branches. You can also process orders through our in-house Warehouse Management System (WMS) via our pick and pack teams, plus obtaining inventory amounts and delivery status reports, provided to you on schedule.

Discounted Storage Rates

Not only do we offer extended ‘free-time’ storage in customs bonded warehouses, high volume shippers can enjoy deep discount storage rates in our own Iran warehouse facilities. Also, we can serve as your distribution hub through our warehouses to CIS and neighbouring countries.

Take advantage of our domestic delivery service for your warehoused goods or other products destined for export by getting in touch today with your warehouse storage requirements.