The industry of logistics can be complicated at first glance. The complications can be brought about by the type of transportation to use. This article will discuss whether an air freight is a good option or if an ocean freight is a better one to use from the top Iranian shipping companies.

The options mentioned above are the most common modes of transport when it comes to heavy and bulky loads. Here are the aspects that will help you determine which one works better for your type of shipping:


We can all agree that financial budget is the biggest factor to consider in any business. All businesses will always look for ways to save on shipping expenses. This is the first deciding factor when choosing between air and ocean freight.

Ocean freight is a cheaper option compared to air freight. Actually, ocean freight rates can go as low as six times as that of air freight. This has triggered a slight shift in transport service, with more businesses opting for ocean freight. Moreover, this has also caused the air freight companies to experience some loss.

We predict that it would take some time before air freight can be competitive when it comes to their rates. So, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly way to transport you can go with ocean freight.

2.The Goods You Ship

Not all types can be shipped in either of the two options. Let us break it down to what can be shipped. First off, air freight may not be able to handle heavy loads as opposed to ocean freight that can carry shipment that is quite heavy. This is because airline companies are more focused on travelers.

They develop their fleet to ensure the passenger’s safety and demand. This has made the cargo allotment to be reduced. But, airline companies also have made stricter rules when it comes to baggage allowance for passengers. This has optimized the use of the cargo area. However, there are exclusive cargo planes that carry only goods, but it does cost more in comparison to ocean freight.

Additionally, if your products are of high value or they are quite fragile, it is better to have them shipped using air freight. This type of transportation has a more secure system that can handle these types of shipment. So, it really depends on what kind of goods you want to ship. You just have to take note of the weight limit and item safety.

3.Delivery Duration

The game is quite turned around when we talk about the speed of delivery. It is no doubt that air freight delivers shipment way faster than ocean freight. This is why it has become the top choice if the shipment includes fragile and high-valued items and those that are perishable.

Also, air freight is common when it comes to sending product samples to customers.

If your objective is to deliver fast, you should look into contracting the top Iranian shipping companies that utilize air freight transport mode. It could actually save you money as there might be additional costs in keeping goods in an ocean freight preserved over a few weeks.